Looking our products you can see something is changing, finally we are ready to show the new frames line. One of these is called AETA, it’s  our stainless ( columbus XCR ) frame, micro tig welding, the best you can get from handmade steel frames.

You are looking the first AETA custom frame, tailored to customer needs, he’ s 194cm with 96cm inseam length with long hands, in the same time he wanted highest stiffness less weight. WR COMPOSITI Carbon handmade components are the answer (we have established a working relationship with them, producing for us exclusively components)

 External cables routing for the best use and maintenance for many km. Extraordinary paint work, mixing the beauty polished stainless with sandblast tubes under the clear coat enclose by red and white lines.


Bike weight, like in photos should be around 7,60 kg. We are satisfy in the end. Stay tuned on our products, there will be others news.



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2 Responses to AETA the stainless frame

  1. pablo baeza says:

    can you please tell me the color of this bike?

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